Stop using Tax Payer Money for Abortions!

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Abortion is so divisive and destructive that it should never be listed as a medical procedure nor should be paid for using tax payer money.  Abortion is a traumatic procedure, which is performed by licensed doctors, who ironically vow to protect and save lives, but instead make their livelihood by performing a "medical" procedure, with the sole purpose of murder, and causes 100% death to innocent people.  The Abortion Industry is targeted to assault the poorest of Americans and leaves women's lives broken emotionally, and kills/murders innocent babies, who cannot defend themselves. Tax payers hard earned money should not be used to pay for murder of helpless, innocent lives. The killing of these helpless, innocent children, causes many tax payers emotional grief, horror to know these murders are being commited using tax payerspayer hard earned money, and provokes anger within the hearts and minds among and with in American citizens, who support the whole United States of America and it's Constitution, as well as every political seat held, and  all infastructure, BUT, who can not have a voice in whether they want their tax dollars used to commit murder. For many Americans, abortion goes against their deeply held personal religious rights and convictions and their conscience, that this is not only wrong, but deeply immoral.  If someone wants to support this immoral practice they should do so with their own private money and not use tax payer money to support this horrible practice. We The People, demand the President of the United States of America and Congress, to STOP using Tax Payer money to fund the abortion industry, or any facility or organization that funds abortions. Signed, We The People of the United States of America.

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