Stop the war and suffering in Syria, be the people’s voice. This needs to stop.

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We need to all come together and make our voices heard! Stop this war in Syria!

i myself have been so ignorant to all of this suffering and I am honestly ashamed. I want to use my voice to at least try and make a change. 

I want the suffering and murdering of women children and men to stop! The uncertainty of these people’s lives is not fair.  We are all human and we need to fight for others, I want people to come together and to show compassion and to help the Syrian refugees.

Imagine your family, your children being murdered, bombed, raped, taken away from your home. Starving, cold and with no where to call home.

This is totally unacceptable in 2018, we as people as human beings need to make a change! We need our voices to be heard and to help these helpless innocent people.

I am calling on all presidents and anyone sitting on there ‘thrones’ to get back down to earth and do some good in the world. Bring back peace and love to this world we all have the power to do this. 

Please i am begging you all to please help me to get this heard. We need to make a CHANGE.

Thank you.