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Stop the removal of the remaining confederate monuments and flags

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The reason for my petition is for those who are Voting to remove the Confederate Monuments. There's a lot of history that go behind those monuments, not including time, energy, money and blood sweat and tears of those who put their effort into making everyone of them that's been up for HISTORY not to be Removed for a ridiculous reason. This whole removal of Historical Monument removal is taking things a little too far. How would those removing them, or those voting to have them remove like it if their family member's Monument(s) was removed over a ridiculous reason. This is coming from a child of a man did tombstone cutting (monument) work for 43 years! I mean come people need to stop and think put them in our ancestors who were apart of the confederacy. Its in the blood of those families in the south and now everyone wants to change History? I may not be a "history buff" but I DO KNOW A LOT ABOUT RESPECT and I think that the respect that should be given isn't! A lot of people that have a problem with the monuments & Confederate Flag Should Show Respect to both of them! My dad was from the south and raised his children on Southern Hospitality and if any of us did would've done something that disrespected our heritage or family in general he'd kick our butt! So what I'm basically saying Stop the Hatered toward something that's been around probably a lot ling than longer than those yuppie people wanting them removed. This isn't how you show respect to someone you never knew personally; Guaranteed a lot of people who is doing this only learned about them in school in History books and think "Hmm I wonder what lies, and disrespect I can say about this person or that person?" Those voting to have it removed should be removed from office is what I have to say! LET HISTORY ALONE

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