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Stop the Israeli Government from DESTROYING the homes of Seventeen families

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In a Yishuv in Israel, located in Gush Etzion, the Israeli Government plans to kick out 17 families out from their homes and completely decimate them because of a mere claim that it is "Palestinian land."  After the destruction of their houses, than the investigations will take place to determine whether or not the land is indeed “theirs.” Families kicked out of their homes are usually left to reside in dormitories—one bedroom per large family. If the land is determined to have indeed belonged to a Palestinian, than rather than having Palestinians settle on that land (because no Palestinian would want to settle in an area full of Zionists and the major security threat that this would become), the land will turn into a public area such as a park. Either way, kicking a family out of their home is completely pointless and causes unnecessary trauma to the families. Israel takes these extreme steps when they hear such claims from the Palestinians in order to look good in the eyes of the world, when in reality, such a response is unethical. Please show us and Israel your support by signing this petition and showing our leaders that we understand the amorality behind destroying these homes.

Also, you can support our gofundme page here to help our Israeli friends raise money for protests. Anything will help.

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