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Stop the EPA from killing the Aftermarket Parts, Performance and Tuning industry.

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The EPA is attacking small automotive/aftermarket businesses across the country, and it has to stop.  They are crippling and shutting down these small businesses and hard working family's with fines in the millions!  Worst of all, these attacks by the EPA against small businesses will kill a thriving industry within our country, while doing nothing to improve air quality!  The aftermarket industry is worth about $325 Billion dollars a year, or 2.5% of our GDP, and growing by leaps and bounds every year.  It is a thriving industry, an industry that employs 4.5 Million Americans!  Why would the EPA do this, and more importantly, why should we allow the EPA to do this?  The EPA claims that some of these modifications "COULD" alter emissions on "SOME" vehicles.  First of all, most of the vehicles in question are recreational vehicles, and or race/track cars, not daily drivers.  With that being said, even if every State had 10 High End After Market Performance Tuning shops (WHICH THEY DONT), and each shop had 300 customers, as was the case against Evans Tuning, that would only equal 150,000 modified recreational sport vehicles across the nation!  Compared to the 250,000,000 million cars on the road, that would only make up .0006% of the vehicles!  That's insanity!  Of the .0006%, how many of those vehicles actually affected their emissions?  The EPA has no idea.  How can they bankrupt honest hard working Americans and their small businesses over something so trivial, and something they cant even verify?  Some of these tuners perform basic simple adjustments to the computers in the cars to account for a change in tire or wheel size modification or upgrades, so the transmissions will have the proper RPM readings.  This in no way effects emissions at all.  I have seen competent tuners increase performance in vehicles, while also improving gas mileage and improving emissions!  You own your vehicle, its your property, and you should be able to do what you want with it. So don't let the government take that right away from you!  Where does the government intrusion stop?

We can not let the EPA kill a $325 Billion dollar industry, that employs 4.5 Million Americans, over .0006% of recreational vehicles!  We need common sense laws, with a common sense government, not some Fascist EPA killing our economy and small businesses, spending millions of dollars of our tax money, for zero gain!  At .0006%, there is no problem that needs to be addressed, except for the problem of government overreach!

President Trump campaigned on and promised to cut back and reign in the EPA, if not shut it down all together.  President Trump also promised to stop government overreach from harming and destroying small businesses in America, and killing American jobs.  I call on President Trump to honor those promises, and to order Scott Pruitt (HEAD OF THE EPA) to stop this assault on the After Market Performance/Tuning Automotive industry!

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