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Help Prevent school shootings!

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In the wake of yet another shooting in Parkland, Florida we as a nation need to stand up and prevent these innocent kids from being killed. 

The people who commit these horrific crimes have mulitple issues ranging from bullying to depression to anger to schizophrenia. There are so many reasons why these happen but no one alerts people about it until AFTER it happens. The killers get the weapons LEGALLY OR ILLEGALLY. These shootings happen because we as a nation are not helping our young ones and listening to them. 

From what I have heard so far on the latest news reports is that the 19 year old didnt even attend the school but had depression and a love for weapons. He pulled the fire alarm to get kids to run out of the rooms and started shooting. He then went to each room shooting the glass off the locked doors so that he could shoot into the rooms. He was dressed to blend in with other students and thats how he was able to escape but thank goodness they were able to catch him an hour later. 

Lets try and do everything we can as a nation to stop these horrific tragedies from ever happening again. Yes it will cost our nation money but is that  more important then out safety? I think not. Lets start with bullet proof glass on doors, security in our schools, enough counselors so that at the begining, middle and end of the year each student will speak with somone to get evaluated to make sure there is no risk (or something to this affect), a plan of action to be completed and updated every year by the school and the surrounding emergency departments, drills to be carried out by the schools 2 times a year and automatic locking for teachers to hit a button and lock down buildings. Also schools and parents need to be held accountable for the bullies. The kids who are caught bullying why not have them do community service. Staff and students go through a training/seminar on what exactly is bullying and how it does hurt. Because words and actions do hurt and most kids are not understanding how bad they are hurting others. 

I understand some of this is already in place in schools. However, I also know that drills dont actually always happen nor are they taken seriously by students or the adults. That needs to stop and schools and administrators be penalized for not keeping plans up to date and carrying out drills.

Our nation is suffer yet another loss and this, THIS is the time to step up and take precautions to save the innocent. Please sign this petition and make our government help us save lives!

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