Put an end to plastic pollution

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I have gone to many beaches in Hong Kong. Every time I have gone I’ve seen many plastic bottles, plastic caps, containers, and much more harmful plastics washing up the shore. I always think about how much plastic is in the ocean and how much is dumped into it harming many ecosystems.


Many people carelessly discard and throw plastics in non-recyclable bins. This does not seem right at all impacting the environment greatly and needs to change. People should also add more recycling bins in fast food restaurants and other places instead of normal non-recycle bins.

I know the world could change and should change their ways of recycling but some countries already have thought of increasing their recycling. In Germany, they recycled and composed 65% of their trash. But instead, according to the OECD, 5 trillion plastics are either dumped into the ocean or landfills every single year. These imprudent decisions people harm and ruin ecosystems, protection of 300 endangered species and should change as soon as possible.

People should care more about the environment. An average American produces roughly 185 pounds per year and that's a lot for 1 person. Anyone can easily make a change and even only recycle a plastic bottle if they take their time searching for a recycling bin.


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