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Stop Memeshaming!

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       Memes are a daily part of life. 99% of the world use Memes to express how they feel. However, despite our common love for ironically shareable content, many people in the United States believe that not all Memes are created equal.

       Whether you enjoy them Dank or Subtle, there are people out there who believe your Memes are below that of theirs, that they should be considered 3/5ths of a Meme. The believe your Memes are not worthy to be called Memes. This ideal is what we at Stultus refers to as: "Memeshaming".

        Memeshaming has led only to social suffering, and violence. Many conflicts have been started because of it. For instance, The Great Meme War of 2017 started merely as a form of Memeshaming. Million's of brave people lost their lives because of this.

       Memeshaming is a violation of human rights. All Memes are created equal. Whether they be dead or dank, late or lit, they are all shared using the same world wide web.

       Help us make Memeshaming illegal, and add on to our Constitution. We plan on ratifying a new, 28th Amendment, in order to free our Memes from the shackles of oppression. You can be the part of America that puts an end to this reign of fear, by signing this petition, and sharing it on all your social media.


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                                                                                              - Albert Einstein 


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