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Stop many millions of dollars in US Military advertising from going to the NFL

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We, the American taxpayers do not have to pay for the continued disrespect of the American Flag, of our National Anthem, and of the millions of men and women who have fought, sacrificed and died in defense of these national symbols and the great country these represent.  Of course the players have the right of free speech, and they have the right to raise important issues they see are critical for our country to solve.  We urge these players to use their tremendous wealth, prestige and national influence to address these concerns directly, and through other actions, and not by violating the symbols all American patriots have held as sacred for generations.  

We demand that the US Government stop ALL taxpayer dollars from going to the NFL.  Our military spends over a billion dollars on advertising and recruitment, and the NFL gets a huge portion of these advertising dollars.  Americans do not have to subsidize an organization that so clearly sends such a message of disrespect to our country.  We urge the players in the NFL to stop kneeling and otherwise showing contempt for our national anthem.  We demand that the NFL hold these players accountable the way they hold players accountable for any other violation of the rules of conduct, and we demand that the US government stop immediately the flow of advertising dollars to the NFL and the networks broadcasting NFL games.  

We further request that the leadership of the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and other national veteran organizations bring the full weight and influence of their organizations on decision-makers to assure this action is taken promptly and effectively.  

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