STOP mandatory vaccinations in the USA

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Bottom line the science and safety regarding vaccinations are just not perfected or settled and never have been. Too many "coincidental" vaccination injuries and deaths have happened immediately after vaccinations and are happening here in America daily along with many known factual "non-coincidental" injuries and deaths occuring proving this is a problem. There is much more research needed! Where there is so much risk and controversy they can not be made mandatory that goes against America's constitution and personal medical choices and freedoms! There is a lot of research proving herd immunity to be false considering the FACT that live virus vaccinations do indeed shed and spread diseases per the vaccine manufacture's inserts data sheets and research studies that are readily available for your review. Additionally, it is a known fact throughout history of every disease outbreak ever the two biggest contributing factors are indeed nutrition and hygiene so lets focus more on that to CONTROL diseases and START quarantining (make them stay away from the general public) RECENTLY vaccinated to STOP the spread of shedding diseases by vaccinations and STOP mandatory vaccinations in the United States of America while we continue to research and perfect them UNTIL NOT ONE MORE PERSON IS HARMED BY VACCINES!!!