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EVERY YEAR 1.5 million menopausal women are put on psychiatric drugs after being admitted to the Emergency Room.  They are not even given a blood test.  

This has happened to me for 5 years.  The psych's picked me up from the hospital, handcuffed to an ambulance gurney and transported me to the psych ward.  Sometimes I was just put in the back of a police car, handcuffed with no idea where I was, no family with me, scared out of my mind, feeling like I was a criminal.

Its not just happening to me.  I need your help to get laws passed in the USA and the WORLD to prevent this happening to anyone again.

Breaks my heart to see women in the psych wards with their babies taken from them after giving birth, completely devastated and out of their minds on psych drugs and sedation.  This is a CRIMINAL ACT!!!

Millions of women are misdiagnosed every year and are given psychiatric drugs that kill.



I know Donald Trump would support this if he really knew the depths of dispare we are suffering in those places.

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