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Stand Against Slavery in Libya. - North Africa

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Slavery is abhorrent. The Arab Slave Trade, this time embodied in the illicit activities of Libyan militant groups and smugglers is at it again. It is  time for the world to take action.

Just as the passing of the Lord's Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act of 2009 by the U.S Congress, in part, led to the decimation of that evil army that used children to perform horrendous atrocities in Uganda and the DRC, it is time to pass a bill along those lines, with respect to Libya.

Enough is enough. It is time to address this problem head on.

You can help. Start by petitioning you government. Write letter to you representatives in congress for those in the United States, informing them of the problem, and that they should do something to end this. 

Those in other countries, especially the EU, petition you governments to do something about this too.

ECOWAS. It is time to stand up for your people. Most of the people being sold to slavery are West Africans, and ECOWAS through its military arm, ECOMOG needs to deploy troops in Libya to secure and safely return its people back home.

A global consensus has to be reached on this. Everyone needs to do something about this. 

We have said no more Srebrenica, no more Sudan, no more Rwanda, no more Syria; when are we going to keep our word? #StandAgainstSlaveryInLibya. NO MORE SLAVERY!!!

Please do something. 

Read reports from the following to get educated. Fortune, CNNAljazeera

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