Set LaTanicia McMillan Rogers Free

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Many people are incarcerated even if innocent and have to take the fall for someone higher up with pull or position. Such is the case here. Even though you fight and follow all the rules of the system, someone will have to pay the price. This lady trusted a judge in the system and worked for him believing it to be on the up and up and when things come down on him, she took the fall. She fought with all she could in the courts but we all know the courts are like politics and can't always be trusted.He got 5 years and she got 15 years 8 months. I just pray that justice can finally take place and she is allowed to go home where she belongs. She has three children that have missed out on their mother for 8 yrs now. With knowing and seeing all that she does for all the women on the camp, and her dedication to the Lord and all her service to Him and others, it saddens me to know that her children have missed out on this mother in there lives. 

There is no doubt that she would be a great help to many in the community. She has an amazing heart and really an inspiration to so many. Her Faith and Faithfulness is apparent through her love and testimony. She would make the ones helping her finally find justice proud. Please allow her to return home to her family and set her free!!! Clemency File # C183774