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Seatbelt laws reviewed

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Seatbelts are a necessity in certain aspects yes. But if you are over 18 years old you should have the right to decide if you want to wear it or not. In a vehicle crash there is no known cases of a person becoming a projectile and hurting someone outside of the vehicle in my research. If someone inside of the vehicle is not wearing a seatbelt they may injure other occupants though. This is where my amendments come into play. If someone under the age of 18 or any individual that cannot consent is in the vehicle then everyone should be required to wear a seatbelt. But if everyone in the vehicle is a consenting adult, over 18, whether everyone wears a seatbelt or not they as a passenger are making that decision. Entering that vehicle is their decision as an adult to ride with someone with a seatbelt or not. If we know so much about tobacco, one of the highest leading causes of death by the way, and it can be used at 18 why can I not decide at 18 to wear my seatbelt or not. This is something that needs attention brought to it as it should be a right to decide the same as not wearing a helmet on a motorcycle.

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