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Save El Salvadoran Citizens from Salvador Sánchez Cerén, FMLN, corrupt Police and Gangs

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Our People Need Our Help

Mission: Protect El Salvadoran citizens. Return homes to El Salvadoran citizens. Remove corrupt Government, Police and Military. Confiscate weapons provided to Gangs by FMLN. Assist El Salvador in a new Presidential election. Cripple, arrest and disarm the Gangs to a truce.

Let's take a moment from ourselves and ask any non-corrupt Government official or even #DonaldTrump to look at a country who is in need of our help. A war is brewing in this region between #Gangs and the #State. This war is causing heavy innocent civilian casualties. Sad to say they suffer from heavy corruption in their Government as well. They could use the help of the United States and its people. They are our people too. Read upon the history of El Salvador and US relations below and feel free to read, talk to someone, share words that could help save some lives.

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The #UnitedStates established diplomatic relations with #ElSalvador in 1863 following its independence from Spain and the later dissolution of a federation of Central American states. Post-independence, the country saw a mix of revolutions, democracy, and a 1980-1992 civil war. After the signing of peace accords in 1992, the Salvadorans have consolidated their democracy through an uninterrupted chain of elected governments. The United States and El Salvador share a strong commitment to democracy, rule of law, and inclusive economic development. Ties are further enriched by 2 million Salvadorans who call the United States home.

El Salvador is a key partner in efforts to dampen the threats posed by transnational criminal organizations and gangs. The country has been a strong, durable partner on security and defense issues. However, endemic crime and impunity threaten El Salvador's progress by undermining the legitimacy of state institutions and impeding economic growth. U.S. policy toward El Salvador promotes the strengthening of El Salvador's democratic institutions, rule of law, judicial reform, and economic opportunity and growth. (This alone says we should send military aid to El Salvador and help them.) Through the Partnership for Growth, the two countries are committed to working closely to boost economic prosperity and create a safer, more prosperous, and more democratic future for all their citizens.

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Partnership For Growth(2011)

El Salvador and the United States have embarked on a new #PartnershipforGrowth (#PFG) to mobilize the traditional and non-traditional resources of both governments to remove obstacles and identify opportunities for broad-based economic growth in El Salvador. The PFG is an unprecedented bilateral collaboration based on a focused and deliberate strategy to generate the greatest possible impact of joint development efforts. El Salvador is one of only four countries worldwide with which the United States is developing this partnership.

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Now, if the political reasons was not enough, then maybe you would be concerned with Gangs moving in with weapons on innocent women and children removing them from their homes and tossing them in the street so they can take over where they live. Sadly, the corrupt Government there makes it hard for the El Salvador citizens to be free. They are out gunned and out numbered. Will someone with power send military aid to help the El Salvadorian citizens?

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Current Government Threats to US and El Salvador

President Sanchez #Ceren

In 2013, as the truce between the gangs began to collapse, large numbers of Salvadorans continued to flee the violence and poverty that plagued much of the country, trekking at great peril to the United States. Funes was constitutionally prohibited from running for another term in the 2014 presidential election, which was won by Vice Pres. Salvador Sánchez Cerén of the FMLN.

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#FarabundoMartíNationalLiberat ionFront (#FMLN)

Sanchez Ceren's Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front battled U.S.-backed governments during a 12-year conflict in which some 76,000 people died. The Front became a political party after peace accords in 1992.

El Salvador Government Scandals

Former Salvadoran President Francisco Flores died Saturday in a private hospital in the capital after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage, his party confirmed. Flores, who led El Salvador from 1999 to 2004, was under house arrest on charges of embezzlement and illegal enrichment. He was accused of diverting more than $15 million, which had been donated by Taiwan to help the victims of earthquakes in 2001. A court says $10 million of that went to the party backing him and the remainder to him.

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