Save our People – Motion to fast-track visas and sponsorships for the Boers

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This petition is to implore the United States government to enact immigration change, such as Australia is considering, protecting those who are at risk of a genocide. 

Motion to fast-track sponsorships for the Boer, farmers and our families in South Africa, who are in grave danger as a group discriminated against on the basis of their race and culture.

South Africa has made international news, as attacks against the minority Boers have escalated in South Africa. The new president; Cyril Ramaphosa, is pursuing legal changes to section 25 to South African constitution to allow expropriation of farmland without compensation for the redistribution to black South Africans. 

There are reports of horrific attacks on Boers and white Farmers, which now has become a “humanitarian issue” for this minority group, which is about 8% of the total population. 

  Fast tracking sponsorships and visa:

o    Asylum – based on persecution or fear that they will suffer persecution due to:

  • Race
  • Nationality
  • Membership in a particular social group
  • Political opinion

Even though the Boers qualify for Asylum, this is not a permanent visa and we ask for Asylum visas to be connected with an introduction of an Adoption visa after a period of time to help Boers settle in this country officially and to become legal residents and citizens over time.  The Adoption visa is basically a “substitute sponsorship” for an I-130 and others.

o     Citizens’ sponsorships for unmarried children younger and over the age of 21; married children with/without children; siblings with or without spouses and children, plus parents.

o     Green card holders’ sponsorships for unmarried children younger and over the age of 21; married children with/without children; siblings with or without spouses and children, plus parents.

The sponsorship program will place most of the burden on the Expat families, making it their responsibility to integrate their family members into society, abide by the laws, work hard and lead independent and self-sustaining lives and become an asset to this country. We however request that financial discounts would be put in place to alleviate to high costs involved with this immigration proses.

There are other options available to help our people and we asked that you would look into all the possibilities to help save the Boers.

We request that you would help them to help themselves.  

Other counties’ involvement:

o     Australian Minister Peter Dutton has proposed to fast-track visas for the white South Africans and the processes is already being put in place.

o   Minister Peter Dutton said he has directed his department to explore whether the farmers can be accepted into Australia through refugee, humanitarian or other visas, including the in-country persecution visa Category.

o   Minister Peter Dutton's comments about "the horrific circumstances" faced by the white farmers ignited a diplomatic row overnight.

The violence against minority groups have escalated in South Africa, the country is a powder keg and the rhetoric from government is not de-escalating the situation.

The murder rate in South Africa among the Boers is 138 out of one hundred thousand and escalating.

These people are in peril; they are being subjected to the most extraordinary brutal torture, rape and murder regime

The Marxist militant EFF groups are perpetrating acts of terror against the Boer people.

We appeal for your urgent support.


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