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Save Net Neutrality!

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The internet has always been a place for everyone to have the ability to connect to each other and share ideas. A place where every site is treated equally with equal bandwidth for people to connect to it. However, the US Government wants to actually limit net neutrality, claiming that not all sites are equal on the internet, and therefore not all needing to have equal bandwidth from Internet Service Providers. This would allow ISPs to only supply certain websites on their service and essentially partition the web. Imagine needing to pay one company to be able to connect to social media, and another company to watch YouTube. On top of that small websites would almost never get supported and therefore get no attention, making it harder for people to share their ideas or views on the world. If this were allowed to happen this would kill free speech on the web since only big companies would get most of the internet traffic and any websites supporting views that maybe ISPs don’t agree with wouldn’t get any support to be connected to anymore.

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