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Save game fowl and game fowl Farmers.

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Aspca, Peta, HSUS, an other activist groups are pushing Congress to ban gamefowl and gamefowl farms. They claim the birds are trained to be aggressive towards other birds. And that they would not fight to the death if we didn't train them, and give them enhancement drugs, and put gaffs or knives on them. This is not true by any means! They want you to believe these birds are mistreated and used for our pleasure and personal gain, which is also not true! They say all the people that attend and participate, are affiliated with either the drug cartels or are drug and alcohol users. Also a bold face lie, to get everyone thinking ohhh let's save the roosters!!  

OK, their way of saving the birds is euthanasia. They never rehome a gamefowl bird. What they tell you ( the public ) they have been trained to kill. Not true, it is their genetic makeup. If they want to save the gamefowl and preserve them as what they are they must be farmed and harvested.  There is no way to save a species if you're way of saving them is to euthanize them.  

Please sign this petition and let the gamefowl farmers preserve these majestic creatures of God's world, while also preserving a great heritage and tradition of America's rural prestige. 

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