Return Manataka to it's rightful Native American Guardians. Hot Springs National Park.

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For thousands of years before the Europeans came to this country, The ancestors of today's Manataka Indians watched over the mountain of Manataka. They saw Manataka as a place of great sacredness and Indians from tribes all over the country would come to Manataka to meet in peace to resolve conflicts, end inter-tribal wars, and be healed by the various springs that ran throughout the valley. There were no weapons or acts of violence allowed in the valley around Manataka. Those who violated the rules of peace were ejected from the valley. For thousands of years peace and harmony ruled the valley that was once filled with rainbows formed within the vapors rising from over two dozen free flowing hot springs.

When the Europeans came to Manataka they quickly did as they did in any place they came across native tribes, they quickly took over and pushed out and killed the vast majority of the native residents and then began to build. Over the generations that have passed since then the city of Hot springs has been built surrounding the most sacred parts of Manataka, but the mountain and the area the springs once flowed from still remain under direct governmental control under the title of the National Park Service. This small area of only 8.9 square miles of land remains a sacred site of such importance in the eyes of Native Americans across the county that for the past almost 300 years, they have remained in the background of society, quietly waiting for the time when they will be able to return to the valley of peace and resume their old traditions of meeting in peace for spiritual gatherings and conflict resolution in what is now called Gulpha Gorge. For over a decade they have been petitioning the National Park Service to meet in peace the Gorge for their talks and sings, but they have been rejected time and again. If they try to gather there the park service runs them off with threats and weapons.

Returning this 8.9 square mile piece of land to the Manataka Indians would be a huge step forward in a new future where Indians of all tribes and American citizens can set an example for living side by side in peace and harmony, for the Manataka Indians believe all peoples, regardless of color or faith who come to Manataka in the essence of peace are welcome.

It is the request of the people who sign this petition that President Donald Trump signs an executive order re-designating the 8.9 square miles now under the control of the National Park Service to an Indian Reserve and sacred grounds, allowing the Manataka Indian counsel to open the pathways for returning their peaceful practice of their faith on the land that has been sacred to them since the dawn of their time.

The United States of America is now 3.797 MILLION square miles. Returning 8.9 square miles will also be a giant step forward for a new relationship between the Native Americans and government that once over-ran and nearly erased them from history.

It is time for a change. It is time for peace to return to the mountain of Manataka and the healing valley around it.

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