Repeal Section 704 of the "Telecommunications Act of 1996"

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WE THE PEOPLE want our voice back.

Thousands of people are becoming victims of ailments contributed to what has been called "Microwave Sickness" including myself. "Microwave Sickness" has been around for almost a century and with the ever increasing Gliomas, especially Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), most of which are attributed to cell phone usage. This correlation is starting to be made by numerous doctors due to their unique placement on a person’s brain in correspondence to their cell phone usage upon the head. We are having more and more adolescents and young adults dying due to cancer every day. They are dying before they turn 30 and we need to stop this before it becomes a major catastrophe. Before we put the human race as we know it into extinction. We MUST stop allowing the wireless industries to push their weight around. Forcing "unsafe technology" upon the citizens of this planet. Section 704 of this Act took the voice away from the people, the voice that people can NEVER stop the wireless industry from putting up cell towers, small cell infrastructure, and Wi-Fi in our backyards due to health and health alone. On the matter of health alone, one voice can never stop this industry from forcing their way into their neighborhood as they try to protect their health as well as their neighbors. Section 704 even prohibits a million voices in a neighborhood to stand up on health alone, a million voices cannot stop this industry from forcing their technology into a neighborhood on health and health alone because of Section 704. This is not humane. This is a war crime on the citizens of the world and violates human rights. We need to give back the voices of the people to address issues such as this on the basis of health and health alone before we destroy this beautiful planet we live in with unnecessary man-made radiation.

Truth & Facts Never Lie
5 years ago