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Rename the grape fruit

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Of all the fruits in the world, the grapefruit has, hands down, the most misleading name of them all. When people first hear the word “grapefruit”, they will undoubtedly be led to believe that grapefruits are just grapes, not the citrus fruit we have all erroneously been taught to call grapefruit. To put the issue into perspective, grapefruits are to the citrus community as ravens are to the bird community – misunderstood to be entirely unrelated members of their community, when in reality, they are merely larger versions of well known relatives. As the raven should justly be recognized as a larger crow, the grapefruit should be recognized as a larger orange, and be given a name that accurately reflects its color. The name “pruit”, a contraction of “pink fruit”, would appropriately communicate the true inner color of the citrus, and eliminate the bewilderment that has plagued this nation for far too long. The injustice ends here! Sign this petition to put an end to the confusion.

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