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President-Elect Trump: release your tax returns, or at least prove you’re being audited

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Dear President-Elect Trump,

You have broken with a decades-long tradition of presidential candidates publicly releasing their tax returns, on the grounds that you are under IRS audit. A letter from your tax lawyers earlier this year stated that your returns since 2009 are still under examination. 

If you continue to deny the American people the opportunity to see your tax returns - to assess for ourselves whether you have any potential conflicts of interest - then at least show us that you're telling the truth when you claim you're being audited. A letter from your attorneys isn't enough.

You can easily prove you're being audited; just release a copy of the letter from the IRS notifying you of the audit. (And if the IRS let you know by telephone, you would have received a letter from the IRS confirming the audit.)

We don't want to come across as unfairly skeptical, but you have demonstrated time and time again over the course of the presidential campaign - and well before then - that you cannot be taken at your word. As the saying popularized by President Reagan goes, trust but verify.


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