Release suppressed cancer technologies

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  My aunt was pregnant with her two twins,  when she found out her breast cancer was no longer in remission.  Shortly after family, friends, and herself realized that there was a huge possibility her diagnosis was probably terminal.  My aunt had made such a huge impact on my life, and the life of so many others! I decided to take this on as a mission to find a cure! I spent countless hours reading books, researching on the Internet, and talking to people by phone and email. The results I found where astonishing!  They wasn't just a cure for cancer, they were many cures for cancer!  I read about supplements, foods, herbs, spirituality, ancient teachings,  and so much more! All of which each had their own cure for cancer! Yet the strangest thing was that the most astonishing cures were the technologies that the government has had for many years!  These technologies don't just care cancer, they can cure almost everything!  Why you ask? Why would the government keep these technologies from us?  Thats simple!  Pharmaceutical industries don't make money when people are well!   There is way more than that, but that's the simple answer! Before you call me crazy, do some research of your own!  Better yet listen to the part in Donald Trump's inauguration speech, where he talks about releasing technologies to cure diseases!  If anything, even if you don't believe me, what's the harm in signing a petition! What if I am right… And your signature on this  petition save someone's life!  My aunt didn't make it.  She left two twin toddlers ( a boy and a girl), a husband who  lives with missing his wife every day, and countless family and friends! We all say we want a new world, healthy living, abundance, and peace!  We can't expect others to do the work for us! We are the ones we have been waiting for!