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Reduce or Stop U.S/Latin American gun violence

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I'm seeking to start a petition to reduce or stop U.S / Latin American gun violence.

 It will save thousands of lives worldwide and possibly change the world. All it involves is causing a chronic gun ammunition shortage.


Greetings to the people of the U.S.A and the World and peace and blessings too. This is a Bulletin / Notice / Petition to create a movement to reduce U.S / Latin American gun violence by creating a CHRONIC GUN AMMUNITION SHORTAGE.

My name is Robert j Bardo h-21272 Bldg 530 - 4 dorm - Luppa bink - p.o box 905 -  Avenal, California U.S.A.         I was born 2nd January 1970 at Edwards Air Force base hospital in California.    I'm an Inmate at Avenal State Prison.

     My ideas involve Cities,Counties,States and Enforcement Agencies in the U.S.A with progressive views to BUY OUT and CORNER THE MARKET on the most widely used gun ammunition ( The Annual Finite Supply ) in U.S Cities,Inner Cities,Suburbs to create a CHRONIC GUN AMMUNITION SHORTAGE. It would be cheaper to do this annually than the annual costs of U.S Gun Violence, Also U.S Gun Ammunition is made of TWO critical and Necessary Ingredients - LEAD and COPPER. This can be Re-directed for peaceful productive purposes. The U.S.G.S ( United States Geological Survey ) in Reston,Virginia U.S.A  part of the U.S department of Interior to keep track of all mined U.S / WORLD supplies of LEAD / COPPER annually and all Commodities Markets regarding them.   The tiny portion of LEAD and COPPER used for gun ammunition can be Re-directed for Peaceful,Productive Purposes.       

 (U.S,G.S . GOV / MINERALS) say that LEAD and COPPER isn't even in the top 18 of the most common elements on Earth.

    People of the U.S.A and Elsewhere PLEASE join me in making this happen. Please sign your name on this petition and Share this petition and its ideas.

   PLEASE CONTACT ME AT               ROBERT  J  BARDO        CDCR   H - 21272     BLDG  530    4 DORM      1 UPPER BINK      P.O BOX  905    AVENAL   CA    93204      U.S.A                                 








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