Reduce Mass Shootings With The Regulation Of Harmful Assault Weapons

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In the wake of the mass shooting that occurred in a high school in Parkland, Florida, our United States Congress cannot turn a blind eye to carnage like they have done so many times before. Mass shootings are not inevitable; there are abundant ways to immediately dampen the quantity and effects of these shootings, yet they have been ignored time and time again to protect the Second Amendment rights of all. Although many of these ways such as the improvement of our background check systems and the regulation of bump stocks are already in action, there is one key factor that many purposefully ignore--gun control.

The beginning step that we must take to reduce the overall number of mass shootings and the quantity of those affected is the regulation of semiautomatic weapons. Semiautomatic handguns are the most used weapon in mass shootings, followed by the semiautomatic rifle. Despite the advocacy against the use of semiautomatic guns and the evidence revealing their common use for killing in our societies, our country’s politicians and citizens continue the stalemate due to the bias for the recreational use of these assault weapons.

Although semiautomatic weapons may be “fun” to use for hunting and target practice, these same actions can be executed with a regular rifle. In fact, the AR-15 is known to “empower sloppy spray and pray hunters to waste ammunition” according to Justin Peters of Slate. In addition, one may claim that the semiautomatic weapon is needed for desperate self defense situations. This claim is false because semiautomatic weapons are regarded as reckless, and would weaken one’s ability to defend themselves against an external attack. After all, we do not live in a war zone. 

Many adults who have not been affected have accepted these mass shootings as the norm, and have continued their schedules as if nothing happened. This haunts me, and I can guarantee you that it haunts every other child across our country. Nobody can preemptively determine where a mass shooting may occur next, but it is the job of congressmen to make the final decision on the bills that can prevent a shooter’s ability to have immediate access to assault weapons. And these decisions need to be made promptly, and with conviction, as the threats are imminent. 

I ask that if you truly care about the lives of the students attending any school across our beloved country, that you sign my petition in attempt to further pressure our elected officials to regulate harmful assault weapons that have no good purpose in our societies. I encourage you to spread the word about this petition by sharing it on social media or with friends or family. As a sophomore in high school, I am quite frightened to see so many shootings across the country routed from assault weapons, so I hope that you can assist my efforts to ask for the removal of these weapons from society. Thank you, and I hope that you will join me!





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