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Recognize and Regulate New Technologies Being Used Against Citizens! STOP THE TORTURE!

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The US Government and Congress have completely and utterly failed the American people in regards to the abuse of new technologies. Collectively, they have decided to take a procrastinating posture towards abuse of emerging technologies rather than being proactive. This failure to act has cost countless citizens their livelihoods, families, and, in some cases, their lives.

Since September 11th, 2001, there has been a concentrated effort to trade the Constitutional Rights of Americans for greater National Security. This has resulted in the implementation of new weapons and surveillance technologies which violate Human Rights law and treaty. While most leading world governments have made the use of these technologies a crime, the US has resisted all efforts to outlaw use of these technologies.

The technologies being weaponized by Organized Crime, the US Military, Law Enforcement and Intelligence Communities are: Electromagnetic Frequency and Sonic Devices and Weapons which include devices that utilize Microwave, WiFi, Power Grid, Satellite, Acoustic, and other Technologies.

The Government and Congress have an obligation and a responsibility to protect American men, women, and children from abuse, slow kill and torture programs that utilize these technologies. These types of weapons are readily available not only to the authorities, but to anyone with the money to buy them from private companies.

Unfortunately, not only has this issue been ignored, it has been intentionally avoided. With the Military and Intelligence community involvement in the development and testing of these technologies, there is also an avoidance and even complete denial of their existence. We the people demand the denials end and that the US takes a humanitarian approach to policy regarding these matters. The alternative is pain, torture, misery and death of innocent Americans.


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