Put an end to ivory hunting. Is a species changes?

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There is a big problem! 
Ivory hunting years - researchers say - are changing the female population of African elephants. 

FORWARD to steal them no longer thrive. It's too early to talk about genetic mutation, but what's happening in some African elephant flocks is a serious alarm bell: many puppies are born with no fangs or with ticks smaller than normal. The poaching signs, estimated to have reduced the size of at least 140,000 elephants throughout Africa, from 2007 to 2014, are also being felt where ivory hunting hunting has been stopped or dismantled.

Fangs are a key element in elephant life. For both genes it serves to dig into the ground in search of water during droughts, eradicating barks and finding roots, defense and males are also a symbol of sexual competition. For poachers, however, have only one purpose: the precious ivory. 

Aggressive hunting and pickling centuries, if one half of the African elephants died dead for illegal actions by a 2010 report, they would change the future of this species. With females give signs of "adaptation". If most males are still born with fangs, in females this stretch is in fact varying.



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