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PUT A STOP to Hospital ER's turning away people who seek help with opioid detox/need beds!

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Do you remember the tragedy, devastation and carnage of 911?

This tragedy is happening within this country EVERY 3 WEEKS  because an enormous amount of young people are dying at this exact rate from opioid overdose. yes every 3 weeks! This is like 911 happening 17 TIMES every year and growing!   Regardless of whose fault is the cause it is the person who falls victim of the horrifying chains of addiction. 

Could you imagine walking in the emergency room with a heart attack or injury and being turned away ? 

This is what is happening hundreds of times a day to people who walk into the ER seeking immediate help with detox.  Many times there is only a small window of time when a person feels ready for a painful detox . And when they are at that point of need they should have that right as a human needing help to go into an ER for help and NOT BE REFUSED and TURNED AWAY!

So what is now happening is that when the detox door closes- that person will go immediately use opiods with a great chance they will die form overdose because the drugs are so potent and deadly on the street: hence; a 911 every three months. 17 - 911's every year +   STOP THE HOME GROWN CARNAGE

There are only a small amount of facilities for the underinsured to detox. These are good people who need help.  We need to be their voice and help them by changing the law.  It must be made illegal to REFUSE someone help into the emergency room when they need it and when the window to save their life is open. The waiting lists at detox facilities are at record levels and are parallel to the record level of deaths!


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