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Protecting the 2nd amendment.

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In the wake of rescent tradgedy it has come to light that evil comes in many forms and the left wing takes no time to try to restrict our rights to protect ourselves by the same tools that they're protected by and our police and military forces use. No law should be passed that applies to the citizens but not military and law enforcement. There has not been a more imparative time to repeal the National Firearms Act and any unjust laws that restrict our rights to maintain a well regulated militia that protects against all foreign and domestic enemies including a tyrannical government as our founding fathers had wrote. We can not just throw the Constitution and Bill of Rights away because it will make someone feel good. As much as you try you can't legislate evil to go away because evil just finds a different tool to use. It's time to repeal as earlier stated. Time to pass the hearing protection act also. Do the job we have elected you to do. Signed We The People.

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