Proposed Executive Order which will be an Emancipation Proclamation for the 21st Century

Proposed Executive Order which will be an Emancipation Proclamation for the 21st Century

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Started by Tyrone Jackson

Executive Order to
Restore integrity to State Courts

In response to thousands of meritorious complaints that I have received, from The American People, from all over the nation, since taking office as your President, I am issuing this very belated Executive Order.

For decades, numerous lower court judges have issued court orders that Violate the Rights of Americans. Each such illicit court order is a clear cut Felony Committed by the judge pursuant to US Code Title 18, Section 242.

Although the law is crystal clear and easily understood, the aforementioned violations have continued unabated. The results of these Crimes Against The People have been horrendous. These Abominations have been especially prevalent in the "family courts".

The Social Carnage of which I spoke in my inaugural address has destroyed the lives of millions of American Citizens. Millions of American Children have been wrongfully taken, Under Color Of Law, from fit parents. The parents have become financially destitute in their futile efforts to rescue their children from the foster care industry. Many have become homeless and many have committed suicide.

Not only have the Mothers and Fathers Committed suicide, many of the children who have been physically, sexually and chemically abused in foster care have also Committed suicide.

This very dark chapter in American History is going to come to an end, so help me God.

The numerous violations of the Rights of The People have enabled the "Family Court Racket" to operate for decades. Motivation for this ongoing Criminal Enterprise has been monetary. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been taken from the Social Security Trust Fund to finance this Criminality.

Draining the Social Security Trust Fund, in effect, is stealing the retirement of the younger generation of Americans.

I am hereby ordering vigorous enforcement of Federal Criminal Complaints submitted to Federal Magistrate Judges in conjunction with Rules 3 and 4 of The Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, pursuant to US Code Title 18, Section 242.

The Supremacy Clause for the Consitution Of The United States shall nullify any attempt to circumvent, abrogate or violate the Consitutionally Protected Rights of The American People.

Any non-compliance with this order will be ample grounds for removal of any judge who is guilty of Obstruction Of Justice, Dereliction Of Duty, Malfeasance, Misfeasance or Nonfeasance. Any such offender will also be Indicted and Prosecuted.

Signed ...........................................
Donald J. Trump
President of the United States

Date ..........................

If president Trump signs this Executive Order, without substantial weakening of it, this document will become one of the most important ever signed in the United States. It will return Justice to The American People who have been denied Justice by the rampant judicial corruption which has been so cruelly inflicted upon The American People for decades.

The Family Rights Movement has been a very rapidly growing Civil Rights Movement in recent years. It has been estimated that over 60% of the American population has been adversely affected by illicit Rights Violating court orders. Those affected include, primarily, mothers fathers and children, but also grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins whose relationships with the children have been severed.

Although the pockets of the bad actors in the Family Court Racket have been richly lined, the resulting heartache and financial devastation for The American People has been enormous.

Signing this historically significant document will demonstrate that the President's vow to the American people is being fulfilled. In his inaugural address he uttered the immortal words, "Never again will the American people be ignored." When I heard him utter those words, it made me cry.

The cries and prayers of The American People have been heard by Our Father In Heaven. I believe that if President Trump signs this Executive Order without weakening it, he will be acting as an instrument in the hands of The Lord. He will be delivering The American People from the horrors they have suffered.

From interfacing with Family Rights Activists and Advocates throughout this land, I believe that the percentage of Christians in the Family Rights Movement is very high. It is strongly populated with supporters of President Trump. We have been praying that President Trump will arise as a Champion of The People.

With the signing of this Executive Order, President Donald J. Trump will chop off the head of this Goliath.

Signing this document will ensure the legacy of President Trump as a great American President. It will endear him to Americans throughout the land. He will become one of the greatest American Heros.
Don Rufty

4,192 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!