Prevent Syrian refugees in the United States

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The problem I want to solve is to reduce terrorist involved attacks and the best solution to that problem is to ban all Syrian refugees from coming to the United States. Terrorists are able to hide in plain sight because they don't have an official uniform and could pretend to be a refugee and easily find a way to reach the United States with little or no problems. If we ban Syrian refugees, there will be less terrorist threats and it will also improve our safety so that our families and our communities won't have to constantly fear about bombings or even shootings.

Another reason why we should prevent them from immigrating to the U.S because in Paris France, in October 31, 2017, The French president's life was in danger because when he was at a sports stadium in Saint-Denis, An explosion occurred outside Stade de France, forcing the president to flee to safety. We need to learn the events that happen around us so that we don't suffer the same consequence as they did. Syria also has a high terrorist presence with two of one of the most dangerous terrorist groups, Al-Qaeda and IS, or Isis. This is why we all should work together and ban all Syrian refugees so that they are not able to slip right in the U.S undetected and do more damage.

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