Prevent a Third World War

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Prevent a Third World War


A person can not change the world himself, but several together can change the world.


Trump and Putin are about to start a Third World War by standing on each side of the conflict in Syria. Trump is now threatening to make a return to Syria for the latest chemical attack against the civilian population.


Only twice before has the use of chemical weapons brought to Syria the threat or reality of US strikes -- in Ghouta in 2013, and in Khan Sheikhoun in 2017. Both occasions involved the alleged use of sarin gas, a nerve agent banned under the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention.


Just over a year ago, Trump sent 59 missiles in response to what was alleged to be an attack on chemical weapons against Khan Sheikhoun. It was later found that the gas had not been used for 14 days later.



About 500 people may have been affected by a suspected chemical attack last week on Syria's rebel-held town of Douma, according to the World Health Organization och nu hotar

President Donald Trump vowing Monday to come to a decision "over the next 24 to 48 hours" on how to make Syria pay a "big price." And on Wednesday he warned Russia it should "get ready" for a missile strike on Syria, vowing to thwart any missile defenses.

But a decision on how to respond to the chemical attack in Syria had not yet been made when Trump issued his tweet, people familiar with knowledge of the discussions said.

The Daily Telegraph in London reported Wednesday that UK Prime Minister Theresa May has ordered British submarines to move within missile range of Syria, in preparation for strikes against the Assad regime that could begin as early as Thursday night. A British government official told CNN that, though preparations are underway, the political decision has not yet been made.


This means that if both Russia and Usa do what they promise we are facing a world war. Bombs Usa Syria and Russia then bomb the ship or those who sent this will be seen as a direct attack on Usa and we are beginning a third world war.


The United States and European allies launched airstrikes on Friday night against Syrian research, storage and military targets as President Trump sought to punish President Bashar al-Assad for a suspected chemical attack near Damascus last weekend that killed more than 40 people.

Britain and France joined the United States in the strikes in a coordinated operation that was intended to show Western resolve in the face of what the leaders of the three nations called persistent violations of international law. Mr. Trump characterized it as the beginning of a sustained effort to force Mr. Assad to stop using banned weapons, but only ordered a limited, one-night operation that hit three targets.



We must try to make our voice heard by saying. Usa and Russia should not wage war but just make sure to find peaceful solutions and the only body that has the power to do it should be the UN. Let the UN find a peaceful solution or we are the people of last genre on this earth. So Trump and Putin. Stop this war game now.














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