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Stop Trumps server pooling plan

This petition had 454 supporters         This petition is based on the preceding news event. It is our mission that this must not proceed- As servers are literally at the frontline of any eating establishment, the impression the patron has, well before they taste the cuisine, is the servers demeanor. They are at the frontline of selling the cuisine and providing the patron with a feeling of importance. As in every business, there are excellent workers as well as mediocre, and the tip they receive is always based on THEIR service and theirs alone. Most earn minimum wage, SUPPLEMENTED by tips that THEY themselves EARN  concisenessly. Servers do not obtain promotions from their employers generally,they rely on their tips to pay their bills, feed their own families etc. and exceptional service DESERVES exceptional tipping. “Pooling” tips is simply unacceptable. The other departments involved in restaurant service, such as Hosting, bus service etc. should be paid in a separate capacity as their job itself is separate. Example: Doctors do not “pool” their income with any other departments involved, even though they could not provide care without Nurses, lab techs, Assistants etc.   The establishments themselves need to support their Servers and recognize that poor service = poor return of patrons = income decline throughout. Please sign our Petition in support of every Server who has, and continue to provide us with a pleasurable dining experience. Thank you.

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