President Trump, Order and help US manufacturers to make N95 respirator masks

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President Trump, we call upon you in this emergency. Use your executive power to order US mask manufacturers to start start making more FDA approved N95 masks immediately in the USA. This must include equipment to make high quality melt-blown synthetic polymer fine mesh fabric. Give them the funds they need to make it happen. 

Help them to purchase new manufacturing equipment to make FDA approved N95 respirator masks in the USA.

Help them to bring their equipment to the USA, properly clean the equipment, and start making FDA approved N95 masks.

Help them to modify existing equipment to make FDA approved N95 masks in the USA.

This effort must begin immediately, and be overseen by a strong leader with assistance from experts in the field of infectious disease. The inital goal must be enough FDA approved N95 masks for all health care workers, and then continue until there are enough for every person in the USA. After that, we can continue to make them to help our neighbors throughout the world.

N95 Respirator Masks are an essential piece of protective equipment. We need them for dealing with the COVID-19 virus. They are single use, disposable masks. There is a shortage, and lives are at stake. Health care providers on the front line don't have enough of these masks, and they should be top priority. The rest of us would benefit from these masks too. Most of the factories that make them are in China, and few are in the USA. We need more N95 Respirator Masks, and we need them now.