President Trump take action!

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Dear Mr. President,

    We the People of the United States would like to first of all congratulate you on winning and becoming our 45th President of the United States of America. We the People are ready for you to Make America Great Again! Mr. President we all know you have started that process and we are eager for whatever else is to come! With that being said, We the People have concerns that we would like to be addressed.

  • We would like action to be taken against the Liberal media. The media has clearly shown a negative agenda against you and everyone that supports you. The media's job is to report and not to manipulate the minds of the American People. The media may have the right to say what they want but they do not have a right to have access to the White House.
  • We would like for the investigation to be re-opened for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. We believe that it was not a fair and impartial investigation conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. We also would like an investigation to be started on the Clinton Foundation.
  • We would like an investigation to be opened on former Attorney General Loretta Lynch for meeting with former President Bill Clinton while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 
  • We would like for you to address all members of the Republican Party on our behalf so that we did not start this movement to make our Government a Republican Majority for them to do nothing. We understand that they had their hands tied under the Obama Administration but that is no longer a problem. We demand for them to unify with you, with us and get to work. They have not done anything since you were inaugurated and that is not acceptable. 
  • We would like an investigation to be open on Former Attorney General Eric Holder for Operation Fast and Furious. Mr. Eric Holder was found to be contempt of Congress and should be prosecuted. Weapons from Operation Fast and Furious have been linked to many crimes and one of those weapons was used to kill an American Citizen U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.
    We would like an investigation to be opened on George Soros. It is known that he has funded numerous groups. Some groups have caused a lot of property damage and assaults on American citizens. It needs to be found if he has ties to these groups and be held liable because these groups promote violence against America. 
  • We would like an investigation to be opened on Former President Barack Obama  and his Administration in regard to the 100s of millions of dollars given to Iran. It is widely believed and reported  that it was a ransom payment in which the United States policy is not to pay ransom for  terror hostages. Iran is a State sponsor of terrorism.

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