President Trump, Grant UK Political Prisoner Tommy Robinson Asylum in the United States

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Dear President Trump,

Freedom of speech is a foundational principle of the United States that you have admirably defended as POTUS, unfortunately this basic human right is increasingly under attack in the very homeland of the idea, the United Kingdom.

The latest victim of the UK Governments authoritarian crackdown on freedom of speech and the right to speak truth to power is journalist Tommy Robinson. While American fake news "journalists" like Jim Acosta are allowed to heckle and harass foreign leaders during peace talks, real journalists like Tommy Robinson are persecuted in the UK for exposing corruption in the leadership of his own country. Corruption of the very worst kind, the failure and often refusal to protect thousands of young girls across the UK from sexual abuse.

For the "crime" of attempting to shine a light on this abuse that is allowed to run rampant throughout the UK, from Rotherham to Telford, to Rochdale, to Oxford, Tommy has been sentenced for 13 months in prison. As a journalist with a history of making life hard for criminal thugs and rapists, it is very possible that he will be killed before completing his sentence. The excuse given for this political imprisonment is that Tommy "risked an ongoing trial and was in contempt of court". If that were the case the other journalists with smaller followings present that day, at the same court house, at the same time, presenting the same information via their own livestreams would have been arresed and charged as well.

President Trump, we ask that you make a statement denouncing this overreach of power from the UK Government intended to silence dissidence and that you grant Tommy Robinson full asylum status within the United States so that he can be free from this ongoing persecution that he is facing at the hands of the UK Government.

#AsylumForTommy #PleaseSaveTommy #FreeTommy