Please Vacate sentence and return child to non abusive parent

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I met my fiance, William Joseph Britton (Joey), June 3, 2016.  When he moved in next to me. At a women's shelter housing.  He had already been through a very bad domestic violence relationship. His ex would go out drinking and come home To beat him up when he was asleep. The children would cry begging her To not go To the bars. A February 2016 incident at the beach. Which his ex was drinking. Had a fight with her now boyfriend, threw a beer bottle in the bonfire. It exploded and burned his son, his step daughter was keeled over in pain from an urinary track infection. Her words were she is such a drama queen. The child had this infection for at least a week before this night. She also allowed people into her home where a felon was looking for them To kill. To where the courts granted him residential custody of his son. He also had a restraining order that the courts dismissed because he was in a safe house.  A restraining order that should never of been dismissed! A restraining order that a Judge granted because his ex shoved him into a closet. A restraining order a Commissioner dismissed. His ex found out where he was living, through her girlfriend that lived on next block. This is when his nightmare went into full effect. His ex through others, started stalking and terrifying him. To the extent of a July incident, where the Grover Beach police department showed up. Two police officers took his son from him. They Stated he was mentally unstable.  No medical people or cps were there. He was having a massive anxiety/panic attack. How is that mentally unstable? The next 6 months was a horrible custody battle. July, he lost his son to his ex. No communication or visits for a month. The courts switched custody to her. She is the abuser/perpetrator. Dec 19, 2016. My fiance had his son for his weekend. We thought he had his son til Tuesday.  With multiple calls to mom with no response to us. However, when his son didn't get returned to her Monday night. She promptly called Grover Beach police department to report their son missing. His custody papers read, if a school holiday falls on your Monday you return child on Tuesday. On NON school days when there is no school. Pick up Fri at 6pm return Mon at 6pm. Also the boxes for kidnapping or taking child out of county/state are NOT marked. He picked up his son on Fri at 230pm. Monday was the start of Christmas break. (I found out from a family law lawyer, he could have kept his son til school resumed in Jan. From the way the order is written) The police came to my home looking for him and his child. At the time he wasn't there. Also early the next morning he wasn't there, to my knowledge. I had left for work prior to 8 am. The police wanted in my home to search without a warrant. They left on Monday because I told them no, after verbally battering me. The police continued to circle my home with their spot light til morning hours. Then the police came back on Tuesday at 10am. They forced  me to leave my home.  Then verbally abuse me and my disabled son til I relented to let them in my home. I never allowed them in my home as the police reports say. They did find my fiance and son in my bedroom. Which he was not there when I had left that morning to do errands for work. I had returned home only, so the direct tv guy could fix my service. The police made him leave before he even fixed my service. They entered my home, 11 officers 2 with guns drawn. My fiance is NOT a harmful guy. He was under a lot of pressure and stress at the time due to the custody battle and his ex stalking him through her friends. I am witness to everything that has happened. He was taken to jail and charged with violating a custody order(f) and harm to child (m). Which he never harmed his child in any sense of the word abuse.The police reports don't specify an abuse either. He was forced into his plea. His public defender told him to take the plea or sit in jail til he came back from vacation. Then he would think about putting him on calendar for court. Never told him if he stays in jail 4 more months that he could walk away from the charges or get it dismissed. His probation officer told him that. His public defenders never once defended him instead told him to take the plea. Both public defenders verbally abused him. They sent him to the state hospital only for him to be returned in 3 days out of a 30 day program. He was not mentally ill. Very stressed out and pressured. He does have anxiety/panic attacks.  Along with adhd which makes him talk fast and not in sequence. Meaning when his anxiety is up. He is all over the place with his conversations. He was in jail for 7 months without meds for 3 months. Got pink eye, no meds for days. Sat in his cell on numerous occasions with it flooded for at least 3 days. They cut his clothes off with a razor blade the first day in. He was put in red and whites and extreme solitary for 3 days, no water or toilet paper. I can't remember if he said no food either. He is back in for probation violation. Which he should never had gone in. Because the police just showed up at my car. I was at a location to take a break from driving. Asking if either of us were on probation. They knew who he was before we even gave them our id's. They told him, he was going to jail. Either way whether he peed in a cup on the side of the road or not. He didn't violate his probation because I spoke with his probation officer. They told him, he tested positive for meth in his urine. I don't know where he would have gotten it. As I was with him for over 48 hours straight.  If not more as we do live together. He was taking numerous over the counter meds.  I found out that he did say the strip on the cup was broke and on the video that was on the dash cam. Now the DA is trying to sentence him to 3 years, they actually want 6 yrs in prison. With the courts to continue the restraining order after he Serves this time.

He is not the abuser or perpetrator as his ex has claimed in her letter. Stating he caused her to go into preterm labor(which her child was full term), and that their son was peeing in the bed cause he was afraid his father was gonna come kidnap him (Sorry I don't believe this, not from his dad more from mom. Considering the things he told me she did to him), and her daughter wanted a restraining order too, cause she was afraid he would kidnap her.
In the last 10 months he was home. He never tried to contact them what so ever. His first public defender did say this was a custody battle that went wrong. They also dismissed the first set of court papers from him going in front of judge with all the DA's witnesses. He NEVER was allowed witnesses. The DA immediately restarted the court papers to hold him to answer and that is when they deemed him incompetent to stand trial. He NEVER harmed his child in any sense of the word abuse and he never left his home that weekend. We actually had an Amazing weekend of hot wheels, baking.  Along with getting ready for Christmas. The things his son would tell me, that happened at his mom's is not a good thing.This is just a summary of the situation. I can show you all paperwork and all the case summaries that the courts changed. My fiance has been in front of every judge and every DA in San Luis Obispo county Superior court.  Please help me release an innocent man and return his child from the abusive home.

Why is it ok for a sex offender to get 20 days and go home with probation and 2 armed robbers get 30 days and go home on probation.  His public defender got a armed robber 120 days and probation but wont defend him, why????

My fiance does nothing wrong and they want to send him to prison for 6 years.

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To know this dad more. Please look up the videos he did with his son on YouTube.  Dads Matter / Joey Britton. His name is Jameson. 

Here is the link to the videos


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