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Child Cannabis User Makes Wish to Meet Pres. Donald Trump

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Time and again, medical cannabis products have proven their medicinal benefits for conditions such as epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, chronic pain, and more!

That is why Sadie Higuera’s family is so concerned with the aggressive stance by the Trump administration against cannabis. This 3 year old uses hemp-based medical cannabis products – products that saved her life when doctors suggested it was time to end it.

Sadie was born with Schinzel-Giedion syndrome, a rare genetic disease that causes severe developmental delay, organ and bone abnormalities, and seizures – up to 300 in a single day.

Given just months to live, Sadie’s symptoms were placated only by a series of harsh medications that left her bloated and sickly. When even these treatments started to fail, Sadie’s doctors suggested a “hero pill” that would ease her suffering but inevitably end Sadie’s life.

Sadie’s parents refused to take that step and instead searched for an alternative. Discovering CBD oil, Sadie’s parents were apprehensive at first because the topic of medical cannabis continues to stir up controversy. However, once they gave CBD to their daughter, Sadie’s parents admit that the changes were immediate.

Her tiny body stopped twitching, and soon, Sadie was experiencing just a handful of seizures a week, down from over 2000. Her tumors also disappeared, lending to an all over sense of improvement for Sadie. But most importantly, Sadie was able to ween off the many prescription medications that robbed her of her personality and her ability to develop.
Three years later and Sadie’s vast improvement has allowed her to enroll at a nearby elementary school, giving her opportunities once thought out of her reach. The family attributes Sadie’s success to medical cannabis in the form of hemp-derived CBD oil.

Sadie and her family now want to meet President Donald Trump to share her story and explain to him the importance of rescheduling cannabis and cannabinoids like CBD so that more medical research can be undertaken, resulting in lifesaving products like the one Sadie uses reaching other families and patients in need.



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