Please help release my mom: Joanne Tragas

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My mom is currently serving a 25 year sentence for a white collar crime in relation to a credit card fraud conspiracy case. (after appeal she was re-sentenced to 16.3 years). Her charges are Non-Violent, first time offender and Non Drugs related, to date she has served 9 years in federal prison.

Although my mom has taken full responsibility for her role in this Conspiracy, her case is full of violations, corruptions, lies and deceit, Not only from the government but from her heavily retained attorney, who did little to help her defense, as he protected his own interests because of a grave mistake he made on her case that would have cost him his Law license and a potential Legal Malpractice suit, due to a missed contest of forfeiture claim he forgot to file. He concealed his conflict of interest and lied to Joanne for over a year and coerced her to proceed to trial instead of taking the plea deal. Her attorney also had her believe that the prosecuting attorney was continuously delaying the court proceedings due to the government having no evidence to prosecute her. On jail-house recorded calls, Joanne's attorney can be heard explaining his lies and deceits as well as stating " it is to my benefit to have you convicted". [Recordings of these phone calls are available on CD].
Joanne had ample witnesses that could have attested to her true activities of her participation in the conspiracy, as well as evidence, which was destroyed by her attorney. The government insists they found a usb thumb drive in her home, that had evidence of credit card numbers, which was shown as government evidence and the main factor for Joanne's guilty conviction at trial. These are just some samples of inconsistencies in Joanne's case.

Joanne, is the most hard working, giving and loving person I've known, in fact she is so selfless she always thinks of others before herself. Joanne lost her father in 2014 while she was incarcerated, her only desire is to reunite with her family and see her mother before she passes. Joanne is not looking for pity for the consequences of her actions, she is merely seeking a fair handshake. She realizes that the choices she made at the time were detrimental not only to herself, but to her family. 

Please sign this petitioner asking President Trump to grant Clemency to Joanne Tragas, otherwise Joanne will remain in prison until November 08 2023.

You can read more about Joanne's case on the CAN-DO website.