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Peace. No guns.

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I am originally from Spain, a country in the South West of Europe. Taking into account the Global Peace Index 2016, whose reading I highly recommend ( we and most of the countries in my continent reaches the top of this list as the safest countries. Within our Constitutions and laws, we do not have "the right" of keeping guns at home because we do not need them. Police protect us. They are our friends and we trust them. I state that because you think police are your enemies and this is one of the reasons why you still keep this amendment (

In the following web site, you will be able to see all the information about handguns in the EU and United States and compare them. It looks like the more guns, the more violence: and

Having in mind this information, what to do? Under my point of view, I would repeal this amendment and pass laws to protect civilians and make police be our ally. It had been before (

If it were not possible, I would restrict gun possession by:

-       Not allowing the sale of automatic weapons to anybody.

-       Forcing regular people to train in the use of handguns.

-       Banning to have more than two guns under the same gun license.

-       Not letting kids under 16 to have their own gun license.

-       Prohibiting the sale of weapons in other places than specialized stores.

I am not a lawyer. So maybe I made some mistakes on my arguments. America is a great nation because of its great people, but it seems there is a civil war. The rest of the world does not understand this policy and is scared.

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