Pardon All 500,000 Non-violent Drug Offenders

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President Trump has asked for people who kneel at professional sport games during the National Anthem to recommend to him for pardons people who have been unfairly treated by the justice system.  We, the petitioners, recommend that all 500,000 non-violent drug offenders who are now languishing in prison, unproductively, at huge taxpayer expense, be immediately pardoned.  Mass-incarceration of non-violent drug offenders has decimated the black community across our great land, disproportionately to drug use or drug distribution statistical data. By pardoning them all immediately, taxpayers will save billions of dollars annually, families (especially minority ones) will be reunited, our economy will boom by gaining 500,000 new employable citizens, racial justice will receive an unprecedented and one-time historical boost, a MAJOR reason for kneeling at professional sporting games will be removed, and your legacy as a singularly historical President of racial justice, similar to that of Abraham Lincoln, will be a historical fact.   A legal and moral precedent for how to do that  was seen by Virginia's mass restoration of political rights to ex-felons, en mass, in 2017.  Please grant pardons to all 500,000 such inmates immediately.  Thank you.