New Middle East Diplomacy, from the People

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diplomacy from the people

An initiative from Hicks for Congress


We the peace activists of the world demand new forms of diplomacy.

I’m Sander Hicks, a progressive Democrat Candidate for US Congress. I’m launching a new program of diplomacy from the people. We will use social media to together create a new path to peace. My promise is that in the next three weeks, we can do this together, online. Then, I will print and bind this document below, with your comments, and present it to the governments of US, Iran and Syria.

You see, I will be personally travelling to Iran this May 12-14 for a conference called New Horizons, in Mashhad, Iran. May 12 is also a pivotal day, when Trump might trash the important Iran Nuclear Deal.

The Middle East is the heart of our planet. It birthed three great world religions, which are steeped in love, mercy, and understanding. But ongoing war in the Middle East is like a global heart attack. Conflict there pains us deeply, because it seems to teach us that conflict is inevitable.

Bold political leadership envisions a different future. The democratizing power of the internet leads to more understanding, and nonviolent social change. Never before have organizers and activists from peace and justice groups had an opportunity to communicate directly to the embattled governments of Iran and Syria. That’s what we can do, you and I.

We can extend the hand of diplomacy to a region so misunderstood and embroiled in conflict. That is why I am traveling to Iran in May--to ensure that your messages of support, hope and peace are delivered to the Iranian, US and Syrian governments.

This statement I will ask you to sign:

We, the People, issue this call:

The USA, President Trump, Ambassador Nikki Haley, and National Security Advisor John Bolton must radically alter US Middle East policies based on war, hate, violence, and Islamophobia.

In Yemen: We call on President Trump to pull the US out of the Saudi/US led military coalition, which regularly bombs children, women, and civilians. The US/Saudi military coalition has regularly bombed public gatherings, in Yemen. Just this past week, 20 civilians were killed at a wedding in Hajjah's Bani Qays district.

In Iran:

We call on the USA to re-establish diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran. This will lead to more balance and equality in the region. This is consistent with the moves made by Presidents Obama and Clinton. Trump must not let the Iran Nuclear Deal expire after May 12. He must not re-impose sanctions. This will cause Iran to develop a nuclear bomb.

In Palestine:

We call on the USA to stand for peace and equality in the Middle East, to support a path to statehood and full voting rights for Palestinians. We condemn the recent killings of 28 people in Gaza, by Israel. Trump’s moving of the capital of Israel to Jerusalem is a direct affront to the Palestinian people, and the neighboring Islamic world.

In Syria:

We seriously doubt the allegations against Assad regarding chemical attacks from Syria. An independent investigation of all chemical attacks must be done before loose allegations are escalated into causes of military action. National sovereignty must be respected as a matter of international law. President Trump using military force without Congressional approval is an impeachable offense.

In the USA:

9/11 was a crime, but the evidence of what really happened was never considered in a US court of law. That is changing. In April 2018, the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry filed a petition for a Special Grand Jury, in New York’s Southern District Court, at the Federal level. This new team of seven excellent attorneys from across the country, has assembled 57 categories of evidence. With 9/11, Bush and Cheney had the public assent to major military actions which destabilized the entire Middle East. 9/11 caused over one million deaths, and a colossal refugee crisis. But 9/11 all started with their unproven conspiracy theory that former CIA partner Osama Bin Laden and “Al Qaeda” used two planes to destroy three steel framed skyscrapers.


There is HOPE!

We call for a new global day of prayers, May 12, to avoid a nuclear Iran, and to extend President Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal.

We call for more Interfaith understanding, world-wide.



Most of our challenges above are to the US State Department, Trump White House, and US establishment.

But we also have challenges to the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran:

Now that the Houthi rebels of Yemen have developed the technology to launch missiles that can reach Saudi Arabia, we challenge you to outline the pre-conditions under which you would agree to stop arming the Houthi rebels of Yemen.


Please sign this petition. Together, we can begin to support a regional summit meeting for peace in the Middle East.