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New era:US Pr. to apologize and amend for DR- Congo 1st P.M P.E Lumumba's assassination!

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As a Congolese American, I would like to build a new ear between the US, the African Diaspora around the world and my country of origin the Democratic Republic of Congo for the next generation of Congolese American showing that Congolese lives and democratically elected officials representing their interest in defiance of mining cooperation savage capitalist matter to promote a dawn of mutually profitable trade. Pr Trump stated that Africa has made some of his friend rich and it is time that Africa makes his own people rich to deter massive migration.

6 millions of people died in the D.R.C since 1997 and those loss are attributed to the Anglo- Saxon mining companies wagging a proxy war against the Congolese people and targeting Congolese women with rape as a weapon of land expropriation by rebel from countries such as Uganda, Rwanda as stated in the UN report of 2002.

  The DR.C is in the heart of Africa and a display of negative leitmotiv maintain by those exploiting the continent trying to blame their organize chaos on ethnic strive , disease, corrupt leadership, inadequate culture, dependence to international aid , coward population unwilling to stand against oppression. The same predetermined mind set is promoted about black on black killing in the US, gang, dependence to public assistance to avoid the root cause of the systematization of  the lack of fair opportunity. Pr Trump tackled the unemployment of African American in the US and he could set new bridges to eradicated man made calamities  in Africa by giving a token of the US government demarcation from past. The DR.Congo first prime minister was accused of being insane, a communist and a tribalism  for trying to put the interest of the people before the post 1945 world's order.

Pr Trump as a "patriot" could apologize to another patriot and nationalist to celebrate the new ear between the US and the DR.C, the African diaspora by making such announcement  on  January 17 , 2018 -19, 20, 21 in anticipation of the US black history month of February hence opening a new chapter of African and African American history in the US.   

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