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National Environmental Awareness

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In the current US administration, industry is being put ahead of our environment. The EPA is on the verge of extinction, and "alternative facts" are slowly starting to creep their way into our conversation on the environment. The aim of this petition is to raise awareness among Americans and to let them know that they are not alone in their disapproval of our current environmental course. To fight this hard, "pro-business," course of action perpetuated by the president, Americans can start by voicing their objection each time legislation is passed that will have harmful effects on the environment. Though it won't solve every problem, when the American people do spread sound logic when it comes to the environment, perhaps the president will think twice before he loosens the next restriction on clean water or attempts to once again discredit proven science. 

The environment can give to a certain point, but if we keep up at this rate we will prematurely deplete the Earth of its natural resources. Carbon dioxide levels are at an all time high in the atmosphere; and, regardless of what some might claim, climate change is occurring. To compromise the future of our environment in the name of an economically dubious growth goal is not only illogical, but it is also dangerous. Please take the time to sign our petition and join the stand against legislation that will further cripple our already fragile environment.

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