my mother's release

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This petition is in support of my mom, Rachel Rogers, who has served almost 10 years of an 18 year sentence.  Like many others she was sentenced to a long prison sentence under harsh drug laws for a non-violent crime.   My mom has 4 children and a grand-daughter that she hasn’t been able to be a grandma to yet.   My brother and two sisters were young when she went prison too, and miss her terribly. 


My mom was denied clemency by President Obama the day before he left office. Women seemed to rank low in clemencies granted by Obama.  He did focus on the long sentences of many though and needs to be commended for the many he did grant. However, the majority of them were men.  We are hopeful that the new administration will even out the gender gap and grant more clemencies to women, because it is shameful that our prisons are full of so many that made mistakes and pose no threat to society.   It is even sadder that they have little recourse other than spending many years in prison.


My mom was sentenced as part of a conspiracy and has long accepted responsibility for her part in that conspiracy.  While my mom has been in prison she has not been idle.  She has taken every opportunity to help others and better herself.  She has learned numerous trades and has gained many skills that she will be able to use once she is released from prison.  She has worked the entire time she has been in prison and taken college classes.  She sewed for Unicor for years and has worked as a lead industrial painter.  Recently she was chosen for the firefighter program.  In addition she works out daily and runs 8 to 10 miles a day. 


I heard that our new president wants to be for all Americans.  If that is so I would ask that he consider and help some of the most marginalized in our society.  People who commit violent crimes are leaving prison while my mom and so many others are still there. This makes no sense!  I would love to have my mom home.  It has been 9 long years without her.   I want her to be able to enjoy her grand-daughter.  It has not been easy for my younger brother and sisters and they would greatly benefit from having her home too.  She has served enough time to know that what she did was wrong.  I am hoping that those making the decisions will reconsider my mom’s clemency and let her come home to her family.  

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