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MR PRESIDENT! it's time to declare politicians gun free zones!

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We are all used to saying "children are our most precious resource" and while I believe they are the future I have come to believe that politicians maybe even MORE PRECIOUS!

You see, I have a college degree, and they taught you critical thinking. With these powerful mental tools, I have come to realize that we can survive as a nation for 70 years without children but how long would we last without politicians? By my calculation it would be mere days before those dirty Russians got us!

For these reasons I propose that we afford politicians at least the same level of protection that we provide our children by declaring them gun free zones. I leave the details in your hands mr. president. perhaps it is someone that follows our politicians around with a sign that says "gun free zone" or perhaps it is a crier that declares with a speakerphone "gun free zone" or perhaps it is a drone that hovers above them with an led sign that says "gun free zone". Anything we can do to bring them the same level of protection to our children.

Mr president I do not want to imply that our children are not valueable. They may be stinky, needy, and loss leaders- but they are our future. But politicians are our PRESENT! and they need our help!

If children are silver than politicians are gold! And their safety should be paramount. They should be both protected in the same "safe" and that safe is called a "gun free zone" My fellow Americans. Please sign the petition below and get our elected officials the protection they need and deserve!


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