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Mommy Makeover

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Everyday, on this planet, a miracle occurs. A beautiful innocent child is born and at that very moment, all is well in the world. Child birth is a beautiful thing but the after effect on the vessel that harbors the child for nine months is drastic. The mother of this amazing miracle is affected physically, mentally and spiritually. The physical change is what i'm seeking a resolution for. So please take a minute to read this petition and try to understand the necessity of it.

I'm a mother of three wonderful boys that I wouldn't give up for the world!! But I would give almost anything to get my pre pregnancy body back and I think many women feel the same. Once we have our babies things change. Our breasts and butts hang just a little lower and our stomachs never look the same. Sometimes it hangs or the stretch marks take over what was once beautiful skin. In spite of dieting and very serious exercising. The parts that hang especially the abdominal region just won't tighten up. 

This drastic change has caused many women including myself to fall into a great depression. This drastic change has also caused many  men to cringe at the sight of their woman's new body. Some men stuck it out and continue to love the wonderful woman who has given birth to their beautiful  child, while others leave this heroine who has sacrificed her body for her child. 

Unfortunately this occurs more often than many would like to accept or admit. Therfore I must give the shamed and ashamed a voice. I must at least try to bring forth change. Having A baby is a beautiful and miraculous honor and no mother should ever feel less beautiful after performing such a wonderful and heroic act.

This is why I've come up with the Mommy Makeover Act. Which would allow one free Mommy Makeover for every woman who gives birth to a child during her life time. This makeover would be fully covered by ALL insurance policy(medicaid included) regardless of the woman's  age, race, or creed. Mothers will have the right to choose the surgeon of her choice and the recovery costs would also be fully covered by her insurance policy. The price of insurance premiums would not rise for women if this bill is passed. 

Some may not know exactly what a Mommy Makeover Is so let me educate you on this process. A Mommy Makeover is a surgery that helps a woman look and feel more like she did prior to childbirth. The procedure typically consists of a tummy tuck, liposuction, butt lift and some kind of cosmetic breast surgery. The cost of the Mommy Makeover can range from ten to twenty thousand depending on the state and surgeon. 

I believe every mother deserves the option to get her body back. I believe this amount is nothing compared to the value of a mother. So I ask everyone reading this to help me give a Mommy a Makeover. Moms are known for putting everyone before herself. Moms are always making sure everyone is happy and healthy. Well now it's your turn to put mom's first and make sure she's happy and healthy. Thank you for your time and I hope you sign. Peace and Blessings. 

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