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At Birth & Death........#Charyl struggled to survived against all Odds

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Dear President Donald J. Trump:

In the beginning of her Birth........#Charyl struggled to survived against all Odds; Giving 10% survival rate......I am certain, that, #Charyl struggled to survive against all Odds until her death caused by Others!! #HOMICIDE ........  #Angry #MamaBear

Death ruled Suicide upon discovery, before a Medical Examiner or O.S.B.I. ever saw Charyl. Then the M.E. called by phone, instructed the police, to have a funeral director to cut Charyl Faye Schultz down @ the crime scene! 

Crime scene wasn't taped off nor evidence preserved either. "tire marks" "multiple boot prints North of her home" "belongings filtered thru & a lot stolen" Crime scene staged!

I found Charyl (my daughter), on this horrific day; 24th Nov. 2014.  What I saw, cannot ever be "UNSEEN"

Case is closed & most of Charyl's belongings are being held from her Mother.  I was told, that, I could never have her belongings!!

I am in need of a Forensic Pathologist pro Bono, that,  "Is not biased", so Charyl's death can be RULED HOMICIDE!!

I have pictures of ligature markings on Charyl's, arms, hands & thumbs & testimonial letter's.  

In 24th November 2019 evidence will be disposed of regarding Charyl's closed case. 

Kevin J Sweat: killed 11 & 13 Yr. Old girls "Weleetka" June 2008, Our 23 Yr. old daughter, Ashley Celeste Taylor, unborn grand-child. July 2011.   "Ashley & Charyl were Step-Sisters" A month before Charyl was murdered on 24th Oct. 2014 two of Ashley's cousin's were heckling to Ashley's Father and said, "You have more than one child and something was going to happen and he wouldn't like it".  This was said during an interview before multiple News Cameramen at Kevin J Sweat's sentencing day!!   24th Nov. 2014 is when I found my daughter "Charyl" Murdered in Cold Blood!!

With generations of killers, "Killing"  in these area's?!?!?!?!?

Does the public qualify for help in Shoddy Suicide ruling without being investigated???  Charyl's death was a Homicide!

Okmulgee Co. Okfuskee Co. McIntosh Co. along Hwy. 9 & I-40. Drugs rumored, Coming from Mexico thru Oklahoma, rumored in different directions off Highway l-40.

I still need notarized statement's from those that need Justice from these area's.
Thank-You, for your Prayers & Time involved,.
Faye Taylor,
761 West 148th St. South,
Glenpool, Oklahoma 74033

1 (918)650-2522

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