Metal Detectors, Police officers, and motion cameras in all Public Schools

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Mass shootings have been shown to be a problem in this generation. Installing metal detectors in every public school as well as police officers and motion cameras in every other external one way door will completely eradicate the School Shootings. If we post at least two Police officers who are already trained at the front of the school to check bags (X-ray) and walk through a metal detector we would not have any more school shootings. No kid would even want to bring a weapon because they know what will happen. If an active shooter were to show up the Officers would be able to Immediately call for backup saving a 3-5 minute window it normally takes after a shooting has began. Also they would be able to shoot to kill an active shooter. The Motion cameras would be there just in case someone tries to sneak in without going through the metal detectors causing an immediate lockdown and police interference at that point for safety of the children. We already pay taxes for both Public Schools and police officers so adding a couple to each school yes knowing there's about 120,000 public schools adding 2 police officers at 25,000-30,000 a year would up spending 72 Billion a year in protection for our kids if all police had to hire new. Precincts that have too many can actually utilize the extra in schools to save spending. That's a pretty big budget however with other things the Government has wasted billions of our dollars on this would be thee most beneficial for our kids safety. I feel if we get this kind of protection they can add a 5% tax on purchasing a gun to help cover a portion of the funds across the board as well as adding an option to donate to a school safety fund I'm sure many would be all about it. I know with how much money this is and it's going to be a fight however if you don't want another school shooting this is the best option to eradicate them. Arming teachers and training them how to use a weapon would only make the budget way higher and fluctuate due to new hires. If we do this together we can save the lives of many and keep families together. Help me on this journey and sign this petition!

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