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Medical Care, Research for Adults with Autism Needed


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Severity of ignorance, Autism and Sensory Shutdown...
This is what happens in a nation that is NOT prepared to medically treat ADULTS with Autism.  August 2017 thru the beginning of October I TOLD my daughter's  specialist numerous times that she was declining...October 3rd she started to severly decline...Toward the end of October she had TWO different hospitalizations at TWO DIFFERENT hospitals BOTH discharged her in the exact same condition she was admitted in with no answers or aftercare plan... On November 27th she was admitted to a THIRD different hospital were we still are currently at. The first week she was admitted on the Neuro Unit. Second week she was transferred to the Neuro ICU unit where after 5 days was placed into a medical induced coma. She had been in sensory overload for so long she went into sensory shut down. She STOPPED eating, drinking, talking, responding and sleeping. She literally just screamed in obvious distress. This past Monday they placed a trachea in. When the Autism movement started NO ONE thought past the pediatrics side of medical care for Autism. My state does NOT have one Neurologist that specializes in ADULTS with Autism. Despite running test after test NO ONE has a clue what the underlining medical cause is and NO ONE has ever come across a case like this. Our government NEEDS to fund research on ADULTS with Autism. Medical schools and Nursing schools need to add Autism to their curriculum. Every ER and hospital need to have exam rooms and rooms on each unit set up to be sensitive to the unique needs of sensory issues and Autism. They take an oath to do NO harm yet inadvertently do. Not because they don't care but due to lack of education and knowledge on ADULTS with Autism...just look at my daughter...despite my telling them from day one she was already sensory overloaded and if they didn't put her in a medical induced coma my fear was she would go into sensory shut down I wasn't listened not only do we still not have an answer on her underlying medical condition, we have no idea once she is woke up if she will be back to her baseline or if she will be in the same exact condition she was in before she was placed in a medical induced coma...AUTISM AWARENESS does NOT cover the ADULT side of Autism. Autism doesn't magically disappear when these individuals turn 18. Autism is life long. My daughter DESERVES better medical care than this as does ALL individuals with Autism...


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